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The Périgord Area - Location

The Périgord Area

Périgord, which is almost completely identical with the department of the Dordogne, lies in one of the largest regions in south-west France, in Aquitaine.

The most distinguishing feature of the region is the variety of its scenery. The Massif Central is the border in the east, the far plains of the Aquitanian valley in the west, and in the south-west the Atlantic or the Pyrenees. The region is shielded in the north by the hills of the Limousin.

Perigord is one of the oldest cultivated countrysides in Europe. The landscape is defined by river valleys (Dordogne, Vézère, Corrèze, Isle, Auvézère, Dronne and Garonne), countless lakes flatter the eye of the observer and the visitor to the region.

Water and chalk have created the numerous stalactite caves. Perigord offers a mild, moderate Atlantic climate without extreme fluctuations of temperature. Many days of sunshine and only approximately 15 days of winter in February create the ideal conditions for a lush vegetation (walnuts, tobacco, chestnuts, truffle oak and fruit trees).